Below I'd Like To Share With You What Some
Of My Colleagues Have To Say...

Chis Solitario, a good friend of mine and an former consultant in my office awhile ago, told me he never met a dentist like you with such passion. Today besides delivering a great 7 hours, which exhausted me ( an older gentleman with ADD who sat there the whole time) you showed a part of yourself. You gave from your spirit, showed us the vulnerable side of a man still growing, and delivered "the goods" !

I thank you personally!
Jim Rhode, DDS
Hi Len,
Thanks for all the great ideas last night. I had thought about the social networking but wasn't sure how to do it professionally. You gave us a lot of ideas on how to get started. I went home last night and put up a business page on Facebook.

I was straightening up my office today and found a sticker Google had sent me. Low and behold there was a QR code on it. I didn't take good notes on that, so I will be calling for more info if I can't figure it out.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Dorothy Rooney, DMD
Good morning!
Again, thank you so much for coming to CT. I had awesome feedback and can't wait to have you back.

I hope you have an easy trip back. 

Thanks again Dr Tau. 

Josh T Murphy
Territory Manager  CT
It was great to listen to you speak last night, very informative! I have attached the review.

Kind regards,

Allison Tait
Office Manager for John G. Fatse, DMD
Wow! TMI!! I am really overwhelmed by the volume of info. You are now my Marketing Guru!  Thank you for sharing all this info.  I would love to spend a full or half day in your office if you would ever consider a visit from a fellow DDS. I would like to receive your handout and patient packet that were left out of tonight's  handout.

Thanks again for all the info!

David A. Zadik, DDS
Hi Len,

I just wanted to tell you that your lecture Wednesday night was excellent.  You're lively, interesting, and the material was just great.

Thanks again,

Dr. Harold Slutsky
Well, not really a party...more of an "after-glow"!

Last night was amazing (is this starting to sound a little weird?) haha... When do you sleep?

I am a New York kid so I particularly loved the story of making the guy an appointment on your phone while you're at Yankee Stadium...that's sick!

I would love to visit your office and buy you lunch (do you take a lunch break?) during a work day if that would ever be possible.

Thanks, for sharing, Len. Now I see what you meant when you said you didn't mind giving the info because we'll never catch up. You were right !  I feel like the kid who got his shoelaces tied together before the race started...oh, well. I think I may be too old to join this race but I will enjoy trying a few of the tips you gave.

Thanks again,

Joe Ritz, DMD
Hi Len,

I was blown away by your presentation at Joe's last night ... now I KNOW I'm getting old.


Dr. Bill Deal

I was truly inspired by your presentation last week. Having virtually NO online presence, I am currently getting started on a complete program.

Thanks again,

Dr. Paul Hoffstein
Hi Len,

I wanted to acknowledge you again for your lecture tonight. I know I have been agonizing over committing to learning what you showed tonight. Your lecture was so inspiring that I am called to action.

I am going to lear this stuff, and start with my list of the top 25 I made tonight.

Thanks for the leg up.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Rosenberg